We can  provide a year round lawn treatment programme, improving the nutrient levels in your soil, and eliminating competition from weeds and moss. All lawns will benefit from a simple combined application of fertiliser and weed killer in the spring. Depending on the current condition of your lawn and the level of perfection you wish to achieve, we can implement a programme of  four to six treatments which will be influenced by season and your underlying soil type.



Mechanical scarification is essential after an application of moss killer to rake out the dead moss. It is also useful in clearing out dead thatch, encouraging new growth and permitting more moisture to reach  down to the roots.


Hollow tine aeration every 2-3 years will allow the essential movement of  moisture, nutrients and air through the soil and down to grass roots promoting healthier more vigorous growth in your lawn.  It will also alleviate compacted lawns, improve drainage and prevent  winter water logging.


Treatment 1 - Late February to May
An organic based spring feed to green up the grass followed with an appropriate herbicide combination to kill the majority of lawn weed problems.

Treatment 2 - June to July
As the summer arrives the lawn is getting a lot more use and is being mowed more frequently so to help maintain it in a green and lush condition we apply a further slow release granular organic fertiliser.

Treatment 3 - September to late November
The autumn feed is considered by many to be the most important treatment of the year, fertiliser is used to strengthen the roots of the grass, helping the turf through the winter and giving it a boost for the following year. This is also the time we take another look at the lawns weeds and treat again if necessary. 

Treatment 4 - Late Autumn or early Spring

Moss is a widespread problem in many gardens and can occur for numerous reasons; 

The lawn is in shade, the lawn is too wet, the lawn is too dry, the ground is compacted, turf lacks fertility and many more. When your lawn is under any sort of stress that weakens the growth of the grass, it conversely provides ideal conditions for the development of mosses.  Moss killers will blacken and kill the moss which ideally should then be raked or scarified out. It should be noted that mosskiller kills on contact so particularly thick growths of moss may require a repeat application.